A statement from Rigpa

Sogyal Rinpoche is a world renowned Buddhist teacher and the spiritual director of Rigpa, an international network of centres dedicated to helping people throughout their lives, by training in Buddhist meditation, compassion and philosophy.

Over the past 35 years Sogyal Rinpoche has shared the ancient wisdom of the Buddhist teachings with more than a quarter of a million people all over the world, through his talks, conferences and retreats.

Through meeting Rinpoche and applying the teachings and guidance he offers, countless people have given testimony of the enornous benefit they have experienced in their lives.

Consistent with the Buddhist values that Sogyal Rinpoche upholds, Rinpoche respects and cares for all of his students past and present, without exception. Rinpoche is deeply saddened to learn of anyone who has less than good memories of their time as a student – even if they are only few in number.

We [Rigpa] do not consider it helpful to enter into a public debate via a television programme about the experiences of any individual.

We have full confidence in the sincerity, authenticity and conduct of Sogyal Rinpoche as a Buddhist teacher. We have only ever seen him act for the benefit of other people, and with their best interests at heart.

Nonetheless any allegations of inappropriate behaviour are taken very seriously by the organization.