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Cogent/Benger Productions Inc. has been producing high-profile network documentaries and specials since 1998. The company has a reputation for producing films destined for a wide public that explore major social issues.
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I, Pedophile premiered March 10, ’16 on CBC’s Firsthand doc series.

Pedophile, the worst word in the world. A taboo word suggesting an offence against children so universally reviled that, even today, when “anything goes”, it is still shrouded in mystery, phobia and criminality. But where do pedophilic tendencies actually originate? … Continue reading

Great Canadian Tax Dodge on its way

Cogent/Benger’s latest film, The Great Canadian Tax Dodge, has its first broadcast on TVOntario at 9pm on February 4th, 2015. It is the product of a three-year investigation by director/producer Robin Benger into the extent of tax avoidance by Canadian … Continue reading

New autism gut link research

Dr. Derrick MacFabe from the University of Western Ontario and colleagues in Little Rock, Arkansas have released a study that could potentially lead to a blood test “to identify and screen ASD patients, or even those at risk of developing … Continue reading

Latest Documentary

Cogent/Benger’s latest film,
I, PEDOPHILE, had its broadcast premiére on CBC-TV’s Firsthand series on March 10, 2016.

It is the product of an investigation by director/editor Matthew Campea into the inner lives of pedophiles. “Being born a pedophile is probably one of the worst things that could happen to you. Imagine the horror of growing up sexually attracted to children, and never being able to talk about it. It would be hell. This film looks at a new approach of scientific and emotional understanding.”

In the powerfully stylish I, PEDOPHILE, enter the underground world of men who are born attracted to children, and meet the maverick scientists who dare advocate on their behalf.