In the Name of the Ayatollah

The Mullahs of Iran authorize and justify the rape and sodomy of dissidents. State agents of this Islamic country have used the Holy Koran to violently enforce the authority of Clerics over the bodies and souls of all those who dare disagree with their singular vision of the road to Paradise. From refugee havens in Turkey, the victims seek justice.

Wall of Silence

In Winnipeg, MB and Brooklyn, NY, allegations of pedophilia shock two quiet and devout Orthodox Jewish communities, as if the accusation itself has broken a covenant. The effects on the alleged victims are devastating. With unusual access to both of these tightly bound communities, we find hope that openness and justice will purge the crime from the community and clear the collective conscience.

In the Name of Enlightenment

A Buddhist Master beloved by millions uses his position and authority to take advantage of young women. For over three decades, complaints are dismissed as the grumblings of the uninitiated. A Guru focused on his own pleasure turns the path to enlightenment into the road to sexual servitude.

In the Name of Lord

In the Deep South of America, a charismatic preacher rallies the nation against the evils of homosexuality – but this Leader of the Flock coaches fatherless young men with questionable intent. Supporters dismiss the allegations of impropriety and shun the victims. The stain of accusation and lawsuits follow God’s preacher in this examination of power, persuasion and corrupted scripture.