Paul Anka : Destiny

He was just 17 years old when his smash love song, Diana, propelled him onto the international pop music scene. This revealing biography explores how Anka became a living link to the cultural history of several generations of fans – from the early Rock and Rollers, to the “golden era of Vegas”, to the women’s liberation wars of the ‘70’s.

Anka is a true dichotomy: a hard-nosed businessman who keeps his personal life under wraps, yet manages to tap into the very heart of his audiences with his soul-baring, sentimental love songs. Paul Anka: Destiny features candid recollections by Anka himself, dramatic behind-the-scenes clips of his concerts, and poignant reminiscences by family and friends who offer rare glimpses into the intensely private life of a musical celebrity who has provoked both adoration and criticism from the public.

And after nearly five decades, Anka is still on top of his game – a true survivor of generations of musical tastes and trends. In a compelling look at a true cultural icon, Paul Anka: Destiny traces the extraordinary journey of the international star from his meteoric rise as a 1950s teen idol through to the enduring songwriter, performer and businessman he is today.

Christopher Sumpton, Robin Benger

Christopher Sumpton

Paul McGrath, Christopher Sumpton

Nick Mancuso

Jim Borecki

John Gareau

Format: SD

First aired:
January 14, 2003