Series finds sex abuse hiding in many faiths.

“Staggering yet sobering stuff that viewers might expect to find on a 60 Minutes or PBS probe.”
Bill Brownstein Review’s SEX SCANDALS IN RELIGION in the GAZETTE May 7, 2011.

“…a most provocative four-part original series, beginning Monday at 10: 30 p.m. The focus is on cheerleaders for various deities, but not on the spiritual enlightenment they are supposed to be bringing to their respective flocks.

As series narrator Gordon Pinsent points out, sex scandals are not limited to those already widely reported excesses of the Catholic Church. In fact, the Toronto-based Cogent/Benger production team heads off to less expected places in its expos. It reports on scandals involving mullahs in Iran, Orthodox Jewish rabbis in Brooklyn and Winnipeg, a bogus Buddhist master, and a hypocritical Baptist preacher in Atlanta…..”


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