I, Pedophile premiered March 10, ’16 on CBC’s Firsthand doc series.

Pedophile, the worst word in the world. A taboo word suggesting an offence against children so universally reviled that, even today, when “anything goes”, it is still shrouded in mystery, phobia and criminality. But where do pedophilic tendencies actually originate? And is there a better way to deal with pedophiles than driving them underground or incarcerating them for as long as possible?

I PEDOPHILE confronts these questions head-on with the stories from the lives of three self-confessed pedophiles; the ground-breaking research of a Canadian psychologist, advances made in therapy in Germany; and the deeply humane approach used by a remarkably successful network of Canadian volunteers who support and monitor pedophiles.

Matthew Campea’s strong filmmaker’s eye makes this a unique contribution to Cogent/Benger’s stable of
thought-provoking documentary films.

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