Wolverine: Devil Of The North

Yamoria Image
Yamoria Image
Yamoria Image
A giant wolverine has laid a deadly trap to kill humans and eat them. The people are defenseless against Wolverine and his magic until Yamoria arrives to help. In this animated tale told by the renowned Dene storyteller, George Blondin, it?s long, long ago when giant animals roamed the north and the people were wild and uncultured. Yamoria, the traveling hero, uses his own magic to trick the wolverines and make a bargain with them.

Length 1 hour
Christopher Sumpton

Christopher Sumpton

Raoul Trujillo

Bill Schmalz
William Bacon III
Terry Zazulak
Steve Kroschel

Denis Takacs

Don Rooke
Michael White

Format: SD

First Aired
September 14, 2001
on Discovery Canada, and on Animal Planet in the U.S.