Pharma Sutra

Pharma Sutra follows three costly pharmaceutical products as they run the marketing and scientific gauntlet to cash in on an estimated 5 billion dollar “female Viagra” market. Does the future success of these drugs depend on disease called FSD (female sexual dysfunction) that has been merely invented? Or will they actually meet the genuine needs of millions of women who are suffering a lessening of libido in a sex-obsessed culture?

In the running are a nasal spray, a skin patch, and a daily pill, each formulated to adjust the brain chemistry to make women Think Sex.  Government drug regulators are cautious, the pharma companies are anxious, and the potential market is…divided.  We look at women who are taking it, women who want it, and women who hate the idea of it.

Length: 1 hour

Christopher Sumpton
Robin Benger
Marion Gruner

Marion Gruner
Robin Benger

Mary-Lou Finlay

Alistair Bell
Michael Grippo
Mike Strange

Greg Hopen

Aaron Davies
John Lang

Format: HD

First Airing:
6 December 2008 CTV