Dying to get in

Dying To Get In is two one-hour documentaries on the crisis of global migrants. Millions of people roam the earth looking for work and a permanent home. A favored destination is Canada but this country of immigrants is slamming the door. More and more are literally dying to get in.

The first hour of Dying To Get In is “The Voyage of Hse Cui-Yen”.The program explores the international economy and the rich vs. poor gap. We meet an African immigrant waiting to come in and journey with an illegal refugee to Chinatown. It also profiles the Smuggler, the Processor, the Angel and the Spy.

The second hour of DyingTo Get In is “Slamming the Doors” which covers the story inside Canada: the new racism, bottlenecks, the expulsions system, and inside our heads, hearts and the new hard-ass attitudes. Dozens of people are expelled every week and the lines between US and Canadian government action are quickly dissolving.

Length: 2 x 1 hour
Christopher Sumpton

Robin Benger

Marc Dupont

Donald Quan

Format: SD
First aired: June 13 & 20, 2001 on CBC