Daughters of Afghanistan

Journalist Sally Armstrong investigates the reality for women in Modern Afghanistan and the tremendous obstacles that must still be overcome.

When the hated Taliban were ousted, Afghan women felt their living nightmare was over. Now, they hoped to harness the future for their daughters in the former pariah state- despite being left isolated and alone by the international community.

Canadian journalist Sally Armstrong guides us on a journey following four women and one girl as they pursue their dreams of liberation. Meet the remarkable Sima Simar, a woman who thumbed her nose at the Taliban’s brutal edicts and became, briefly, Deputy Prime Minister in the new Government; Soghra, whose harrowing take of survival is inspiring and shocking; Hamida, a school principal determined to lead her female students to victory; Camellah, a typical Afghan woman following her country’s laws, making her a virtual sex slave to her husband; and Lima, a young girl whose childhood has been lost to war.

Special Features:
• Interview with Dr. Sima Simar, Nasrine Gross and Habibi Serabi
• Commentary by Sally Armstrong

"It’s worth watching…just to taste the courage and resilience of the women, and the depth of their betrayal.”
– Michele Landsberg, The Toronto Star

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Sally Armstrong
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