Madiba into Orbit.

The documentary “Madiba; the Life and Times of Nelson Mandela” has been chosen by the Canadian astronaut Dr Robert Thirsk as one of 5 he will take to the space station in May. Madiba was made by Robin Benger for Mark Starowicz and the Life and Times crew at the CBC Doc Unit.

“I like the fact that Dr Thirsk will be travelling on the Soyuz, a Russian craft, as the Russians were the only world power to support Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress in the bleak early days of the struggle against apartheid. Also, Mandela, who may not be here on earth with us much longer, deserves a place among the stars. Perhaps if all goes kerblooey here on earth some alien entity will discover the doc, play it, and start all over again the Mandela way, with love, forgiveness and respect for all.”(Robin Benger)

‘Madiba’ has been broadcast all over the world, and won a Gemini for best music, a Gabriel, and awards at the New York and Chicago film festivals. The Globe and Mail described it as the best Life and Times ever.

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