I, Pedophile

I, PEDOPHILE is the product of an investigation by director/editor Matthew Campea into the inner lives of pedophiles. “Being born a pedophile is probably one of the worst things that could happen to you. Imagine the horror of growing up sexually attracted to children, and never being able to talk about it. It would be hell. This film looks at a new approach of scientific and emotional understanding.”

Pedophile, the worst word in the world. A taboo word suggesting an offence against children so universally reviled that, even today, when “anything goes”, it is still shrouded in mystery, phobia and criminality. But where do pedophilic tendencies actually originate? And is there a better way to deal with pedophiles than driving them underground or incarcerating them for as long as possible?

I PEDOPHILE confronts these questions head-on with the stories from the lives of three self-confessed pedophiles; the ground-breaking research of a Canadian psychologist, advances made in therapy in Germany; and the deeply humane approach used by a remarkably successful network of Canadian volunteers who support and monitor pedophiles.

Matthew Campea’s strong filmmaker’s eye combines dramatized scenes with interviews; I, PEDOPHILE, enters the underground world of men who are born attracted to children, and meets the maverick scientists who dare advocate on their behalf.

Christopher Sumpton, Robin Benger

Matthew Campea

Matthew Campea, Robin Benger

Nicky Guadagni

Matthew Bennett

Matthew Campea

Format: HD

First aired:
CBC-TV’s Firsthand series on March 10, 2016

Also aired on:

Téléquebec, October 12, 2016