Holy Moses! Vision TV develops a bluish hue

John Doyle reviews Sex Scandals in Religion in the Globe and Mail. Tuesday, May. 17, 2011. “Sex Scandals in Religion has a grabby title, but the programs, produced by Robin Benger and narrated by Gordon Pinsent, seriously examine incidents of … Continue reading

Series finds sex abuse hiding in many faiths.

“Staggering yet sobering stuff that viewers might expect to find on a 60 Minutes or PBS probe.” Bill Brownstein Review’s SEX SCANDALS IN RELIGION in the GAZETTE May 7, 2011. “…a most provocative four-part original series, beginning Monday at 10: … Continue reading

Sex Scandals In Religion Is Must-See TV

by James Bawden http://jamesbawden.blogspot.com/ That’s quite a provocative title for a new series–Sex Scandals In Religion –but it certainly is unlike any of the sleazy Reality TV offerings around these days. In fact the series probably wouldn’t have made it … Continue reading